Making Your Move: Why On-site Mobile Welfare Units Are The Right Choice

Making Your Move: Why On-site Mobile Welfare Units Are The Right Choice

June 9, 2023

Enable Welfare’s self-contained mobile welfare units come with one key advantage over traditional site accommodation cabins: as their name suggests, mobile units are easy to move around, and they are easy to set up, too.

Since our units are easily towable, no lorry is required to carry them on site. Neither is there any need for cranage to manoeuvre them into position once they arrive. That means you don’t have to worry about difficult access routes, low height restrictions or overhead power lines – all the things that can make delivering the traditional units tricky or impossible.

And when we say our mobile welfare units are self-contained, that’s exactly what we mean: so, no separate generator, water tank or waste tank. They’ll therefore take up a smaller footprint than cabins that need all that ancillary equipment. And because everything is fully integrated, our units can be up and running in just minutes.

Finally, if you are looking for a welfare solution that’s even more mobile than towable welfare unit hire, the obvious choice is our welfare vans: as well as providing welfare on the site, they can deliver the crews there at the start of the day and then transport them away at the end – a simple solution that saves fuel and other expenses by eliminating the need to run multiple vehicles. What’s more, welfare vans can legally be parked on the road if necessary, avoiding any requirement for complex council permits for site set-ups.