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Enable Welfare has a strong track record of supporting public sector initiatives spanning energy, transportation infrastructure, and healthcare. As a proud member of the Enable Group, we are dedicated to enhancing social value by improving infrastructure, with a particular emphasis on environmental sustainability.

Our comprehensive range of state-of-the-art welfare vans, along with towable and stationary welfare units, surpasses the latest legislative requirements for workforce safety and well-being. This ensures that our customers remain fully compliant with public sector standards and regulations.

Incorporating energy-efficient features such as LED lighting with motion detectors, our range priorities energy efficiency. Our engines and generators are capable of running on HVO biofuel, in addition to standard white diesel. Many of our units also offer hybrid power options, utilising solar panels to recharge batteries. For the ultimate in sustainability, our ZERO CO2 welfare trailer boasts a low-maintenance fuel cell powered by safe and user-friendly hydrogen bottles. Its power supply is further enhanced by solar panels, maximizing efficiency and reducing fuel costs.

We take great pride in our exceptional service standards and environmental expertise. Whether it’s a significant project contributing to the levelling-up agenda or an urgent short-term requirement like providing welfare vans outside hospitals during the pandemic, Enable Welfare stands ready and fully equipped to assist.


Public sector welfare solutions from Enable Welfare can be tailored to your needs and the needs of your team, making them useful for several industries. The gallery below shows our selection of welfare solutions, which range from towerlights to welfare vans. Contact us to discuss your individual public sector welfare requirements.
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Here are the answers to the questions that our customers most often ask.

  • In order to address the needs within the public health sector, a variety of welfare hire solutions are frequently utilised. Welfare hire solutions are employed during infrastructure projects in the public sector, such as road construction or public events, to offer restrooms and rest areas for employees and participants. In order to provide accessible and hygienic sanitation for visitors, portable toilets and hand washing stations are widely used in public places, parks, and construction sites. The public sector proves its dedication to providing a satisfying and comfortable experience for both citizens and government employees in broad public spaces and facilities by putting these welfare hire solutions into practice.

  • Welfare hire options, such as portable toilets, handwashing stations, and rest spaces, enhance the comfort and well-being of guests at outdoor events and festivals held by local governments or government organisations. Welfare hire facilities, such as portable toilets and seating places, are available in public parks to provide visitors with convenience and amenities. To enhance staff health and productivity, government buildings and offices frequently feature welfare hire solutions such as restrooms, handwashing stations, and break areas. Within the public sector the welfare and happiness of the public and its workers can be achieved by utilising these welfare hire solutions in a variety of settings and environments.

  • Welfare hire strategies that emphasise employee wellbeing and project efficiency would be very helpful in the public sector. These solutions, which enable public sector employees to operate comfortably and safely, particularly in remote or difficult settings, include on-site lodging, rest rooms, sanitary facilities, and mobile medical units. Effective project coordination and team communication would be aided by mobile offices and communication hubs. Catering services can also offer wholesome meals to maintain the workforce’s vitality and productivity. If you would like to discover which welfare hire solution from Enable Welfare would best benefit you and your workforce contact us today.

  • Arranging welfare hire solutions for your public sector project requires a methodical and collaborative strategy. First, evaluate the unique requirements of your project, taking into account the location, duration, and number of people participating. Request quotes and price comparisons to ensure a cost-effective welfare hire solution that fits your budget and then work together with your chosen welfare hire company to ensure smooth implementation, improving the well-being of both public and government employees working in the project.