Enable Welfare recognises the fast-paced nature of the film and television industry, characterised by tight deadlines, and our aim is to efficiently meet those demands without any unnecessary drama.

We have extensive involvement in the film equipment hire sector, serving contractors and security firms across diverse locations, ranging from bustling London settings to remote areas. Count on us for a comprehensive range of film welfare offerings, from honey wagon rentals to hybrid generators equipped with solar panels.

Ensuring the well-being of your workforce entails more than just providing a toilet trailer. Our welfare solutions and film set supplies encompass welfare vans, towable welfare units in various sizes, and the option of a full setup service, ensuring that even sites with challenging accessibility pose no issue. Our self-contained welfare vans and units operate independently of mains connections making them the perfect transient location vans . Not only do they offer expected facilities such as heating and clothes-drying rooms, but we also provide customisable features like USB sockets and air conditioning, adding an extra touch of convenience.

Rest assured, we prioritise the comfort of crews and contractors, while also maintaining a strong commitment to environmental care. By incorporating the latest technologies, we provide ideal solutions for those seeking low or even zero-carbon alternatives. Additionally, our welfare trailer powered by a hydrogen fuel cell delivers near-silent operation without vibrations, offering an added advantage.


Each welfare solution offered by Enable Welfare can be customised to meet the needs of you and your team and is designed to benefit the film and television industry. The gallery below showcases our selection of film welfare solutions, which range from towerlights to welfare vans. Alternatively, you can contact us to discuss the specifics of your needs.
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Here are the answers to the questions that our customers most often ask.

  • A Honey Wagon is a portable toilet that can be readily pulled from one location to another. Because of the advantages it offers during the filmmaking process, film crews prefer to bring a honey wagon with them when they move from one location to another. It is a set of restrooms used by the actors and crew in the UK which can be transported on trucks as it is attached to trailers of all sizes.

  • Film welfare facilities are important because for the cast and crew health, safety and well-being. They provide a supportive and comfortable environment to boost morale, productivity and inclusivity within the workplace. Whilst also ensuring legal compliance, it facilitates a successful production and filming process.

  • It is critical to prioritise the cast and crew safety and comfort on any film and production set. Toilet trailers and stations for hand washing are essential for ensuring accessible sanitation facilities. Suitable catering and rest places are required to provide nourishment and comfort during long days. Individuals should be provided with comfortable seating, shelter, and first-aid kits in case of an emergency. Contact us today to find out more about film and production set welfare hire solutions for you and your team.

  • This must be carefully planned and co-ordinated to provide successful solutions. It’s best to assess the specific needs of the team, considering the size of production, locations for shooting and its duration. It is imperative to book the welfare hire solution you need in advance to ensure a steady process and productive working environment. Contact us today to discuss the welfare hire solution that will benefit you and your team the most.