As the acknowledged experts in eco-friendly welfare, Enable Welfare are heavily involved in supporting workforces delivering the UK Government’s Net-Zero Strategy.

We have supplied welfare facilities for contractors working rapidly to provide entirely new infrastructure for low and zero-carbon technologies, such as a national network of electric vehicle (EV) charging points on petrol station forecourts. And we also have wide experience in the rail sector, where we work with partners focused on ensuring that the railway of the future not only carries more passengers and freight, but also becomes even more energy-efficient, maximising its huge potential as a low-carbon form of transport.

We fully recognise that we have to play own part by reducing reliance on fossil fuels in our products and by switching to low-carbon or even zero-carbon options wherever possible. That, in turn, helps all our hire customers reduce their own carbon footprint.

Enable Welfare offers an extensive range of eco-friendly welfare vans, trailers and static units. All have energy efficiency built in, incorporating features such as PIR LED lighting. All our engines and generators can run on HVO biofuel and many also offer hybrid power, topping up batteries with a solar panel. For the ultimate, there’s our ZERO CO2 welfare trailer, powered by a hydrogen fuel cell generating only water as emissions, and also equipped with solar power.

With the Net-Zero sector currently expanding so fast, we pride ourselves on serving rental customers professionally, quickly and efficiently. For low and zero carbon welfare, come to Enable Welfare.




Here are the answers to the questions that our customers most often ask.

  • With one exception, all our vehicles can use either low-carbon HVO or white diesel, according to your requirements. Most also offer hybrid power, giving you the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint still further by using an solar panel and leisure battery with the integrated engine/generator. And the exception? That’s our ZERO CO2 welfare unit, offering the ultimate in eco-friendly welfare hire. Powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, it uses safe and easy-to-refuel hydrogen gas bottles, and emits zero carbon.

  • Yes, we can provide these if specified at the start of the hire. They may incur a small admin charge.