Enable Welfare is widely recognised as the leading authority in eco-friendly welfare solutions, actively supporting workforces engaged in implementing the UK Government’s Net-Zero Strategy.

We have provided essential welfare facilities to contractors involved in rapidly constructing new infrastructure for low and zero-carbon technologies. Notably, we have supported the establishment of a nationwide network of electric vehicle (EV) charging points at petrol station forecourts. Additionally, our extensive experience extends to the rail sector, where we collaborate with partners dedicated to enhancing energy efficiency and realising the immense potential of railways as a low-carbon mode of transportation, accommodating increased passenger and freight traffic.

We are fully committed to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and actively adopting low-carbon or even zero-carbon alternatives in our product offerings. By doing so, we contribute to our rental customers’ efforts in minimising their carbon footprint.

Enable Welfare presents an extensive range of eco-friendly welfare vans as well as eco friendly welfare unit hire and stationary unit options. These incorporate energy-efficient features such as PIR LED lighting, ensuring optimal resource utilisation. Our engines and generators can operate on HVO biofuel, while many also incorporate hybrid power capabilities, utilising solar panels to recharge batteries. For the pinnacle of sustainability, our ZERO CO2 welfare trailer is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, emitting only water as byproduct, and equipped with solar power technology.

Given the rapid expansion of the Net-Zero sector, we take pride in delivering professional, prompt, and efficient service to our rental customers. For comprehensive low and zero-carbon welfare solutions and eco vans, Enable Welfare is your premier choice.


Net Zero welfare solutions provided by Enable Welfare can be customised to meet your needs and the needs of your team. The gallery below shows our range of eco friendly welfare hire products, which range from eco welfare vans to solar power generators. As an alternative, you can contact us to discuss your individual needs.
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Here are the answers to the questions that our customers most often ask.

  • Net-zero welfare hire solutions strive to reduce carbon emissions and environmental effect by powering facilities with renewable energy sources such as solar panels. To attain carbon neutrality, these solutions frequently include energy-efficient technology and waste reduction measures. The use of biodegradable and compostable materials, the reduction of single-use plastics, and the promotion of recycling and waste management practises are all examples of environmentally friendly welfare hire solutions. Furthermore, environmentally conscientious welfare hiring businesses may obtain products from welfare hire companies such as Enable Welfare with high environmental credentials, assuring a more sustainable and ethical approach.

  • Eco welfare units help to reduce carbon emissions and environmental effect by combining renewable energy sources, such as solar panels to power the facilities inside. This strategy contributes to carbon neutrality and helps to reduce the event’s or worksite ecological footprint. These eco welfare units help to make the environment cleaner and more sustainable by promoting recycling and waste management practices. Furthermore, hiring an eco welfare unit displays a commitment to sustainability, improving the company’s public image as a socially responsible business. Finally, eco-friendly decisions foster a happy and conscientious environment that benefits both guests and workers while also contributing to the overall success and effect of the event or worksite.

  • Solar power generators, which provide clean and sustainable energy for on-site facilities and lodging, are essential to attaining net-zero welfare hire solutions. Worksites can dramatically lower their carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels by utilising solar energy, hence reducing greenhouse gas emissions by hiring solar power generators from Enable Welfare. In rural or off-grid situations where access to conventional power sources may be restricted, a solar powered generator can be especially helpful.

  • These eco welfare vans are often electric or low-emission vehicles, lowering carbon emissions and air pollution dramatically. Charging them with renewable energy sources like solar power keeps their use carbon-neutral. The primary feature of our eco welfare vans is the solar panel that helps power the leisure batteries onboard, which lowers fuel consumption and makes your site more environmentally friendly. All while still offering the same outstanding service as our normal welfare vans, which feature complete canteen facilities. Your worksite can contribute to a more sustainable future by including eco welfare vans into your welfare hire solutions, decreasing their carbon footprint and supporting greener initiatives.