Whether you’re constructing new roads or repairing existing ones, we have the welfare solution for your workforce. With extensive experience in the road construction sector, we offer a responsive and compliant service that caters to rapidly evolving needs faced by highways construction companies. As contractors, we understand the challenges you face in meeting the requirements of specifications such as the Specification for Highway Works. Therefore, when it comes to site welfare facilities, our goal is to simplify the process.

We acknowledge that highway and roads construction crews frequently need to be mobile and often work in remote locations, far from toilets and local amenities. Our welfare vans provide the ideal solution. They are easily transportable, allowing for quick setup at new locations, whether near or distant. For the most challenging terrains, we offer the option of our robust and powerful 4WD welfare van, which combines exceptional comfort with manoeuvrability.

For larger sites and prolonged stays, our towable welfare units offer greater capacity and cost-effectiveness. We provide services such as full site setup and maintenance, including cleaning, emptying, and servicing of site welfare units. This allows you to concentrate on the vital task of ensuring the smooth and safe flow of traffic on the UK’s roads.

We recognise the increasing importance of environmentally friendly solutions for roads construction companies. Enable Welfare specialises in low and zero-carbon site welfare facilities. Our extensive range of welfare vans, units and trailers prioritises fuel efficiency and incorporates technologies such as solar panels, LED lighting with motion detectors, hydrogen fuel cells, and generators capable of running on HVO fuel.


The highways and road construction companies can benefit from Enable Welfare's welfare solutions, which can all be tailored to your needs and the needs of your team. Our selection of highways construction welfare solutions, which includes everything from towerlights to welfare vans, are displayed in the gallery below. As an alternative, you can get in touch with us to talk about your specific needs.
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Here are the answers to the questions that our customers most often ask.

  • Several sorts of welfare hire solutions are required in the roads and road construction sectors to ensure the well-being and efficiency of the crew. To begin, high-quality portable toilets and handwashing stations are critical for maintaining sanitary standards on building sites when facilities are scarce. Rest areas with shelter provide a comfortable and accessible spot for the construction workers to recharge during physically hard activities. Furthermore, having drinking water stations encourages hydration, which improves worker performance. The roads and road construction sector may maintain a safe, productive, and supportive working environment for their employees by adopting these welfare hire solutions from Enable Welfare, resulting in successful and efficient project deliverables.

  • Providing vital welfare facilities for the construction crew such as portable toilets, handwashing stations, and rest places guarantees a healthy and hygienic work environment, increasing worker well-being and productivity. Comfortable rest rooms help to minimise fatigue and promote focus, resulting in greater efficiency in performing construction activities. Furthermore, welfare hire solutions assist road construction enterprises in adhering to health and safety laws, reducing potential legal risks and liabilities. Road construction businesses express their dedication to the wellbeing of their employees by investing in welfare hire solutions, resulting in a more positive work environment, increased project efficiency, and a higher possibility of completing projects on time and within budget.

  • At Enable Welfare we provide customisable welfare hire solutions that can be tailored to the individual needs of various road construction companies. We recognise that each highways construction project is unique and may necessitate varying types of welfare facilities depending on project size, duration, location, and workforce. We believe that it is important to collaborate with clients to assess their needs and build bespoke welfare hire solutions, ensuring that the construction site has adequate and efficient welfare amenities such as portable toilets, handwashing stations, rest areas, and first aid stations. Personalised welfare hire solutions not only improve construction employees’ well-being and productivity, but also help to the overall success and safety of highway construction projects. Get in touch with us today to get specific welfare hire solutions for you and your team.

  • The provision of easily accessible and well-maintained trailer restrooms and hand washing stations aids in the maintenance of good sanitation, lowering the risk of waterborne infections and boosting worker cleanliness. Adequate seating enable workers to take regular breaks, reducing fatigue-related accidents. Overall, these welfare solutions help to protect the staff and foster a safety-conscious culture on all road construction sites.