Whether you’re constructing new roads or repairing existing ones, we have the welfare solution for your workforce. With extensive experience in the road construction sector, we offer a responsive and compliant service that caters to rapidly evolving needs faced by highways construction companies. As contractors, we understand the challenges you face in meeting the requirements of specifications such as the Specification for Highway Works. Therefore, when it comes to site welfare facilities, our goal is to simplify the process.

We acknowledge that highway and roads construction crews frequently need to be mobile and often work in remote locations, far from toilets and local amenities. Our welfare vans provide the ideal solution. They are easily transportable, allowing for quick setup at new locations, whether near or distant. For the most challenging terrains, we offer the option of our robust and powerful 4WD welfare van, which combines exceptional comfort with manoeuvrability.

For larger sites and prolonged stays, our towable welfare units offer greater capacity and cost-effectiveness. We provide services such as full site setup and maintenance, including cleaning, emptying, and servicing of site welfare units. This allows you to concentrate on the vital task of ensuring the smooth and safe flow of traffic on the UK’s roads.

We recognise the increasing importance of environmentally friendly solutions for roads construction companies. Enable Welfare specialises in low and zero-carbon site welfare facilities. Our extensive range of welfare vans, units and trailers prioritises fuel efficiency and incorporates technologies such as solar panels, LED lighting with motion detectors, hydrogen fuel cells, and generators capable of running on HVO fuel.


The highways and road construction companies can benefit from Enable Welfare's welfare solutions, which can all be tailored to your needs and the needs of your team. Our selection of highways construction welfare solutions, which includes everything from towerlights to welfare vans, are displayed in the gallery below. As an alternative, you can get in touch with us to talk about your specific needs.




Here are the answers to the questions that our customers most often ask.

  • With one exception, all our vehicles can use either low-carbon HVO or white diesel, according to your requirements. Most also offer hybrid power, giving you the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint still further by using an solar panel and leisure battery with the integrated engine/generator. And the exception? That’s our ZERO CO2 welfare unit, offering the ultimate in eco-friendly welfare hire. Powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, it uses safe and easy-to-refuel hydrogen gas bottles, and emits zero carbon.

  • Yes, we currently hold Silver FORS. Our number is: 009623.