Enable Welfare has built a strong relationship with contractors involved in events, making us well-versed in their unique requirements for event rentals and the diverse scenarios they encounter. Whether you seek a toilet trailer or a hybrid solar power generator or other event and festival welfare facilities, our expertise allows us to provide the necessary assistance Irrespective of whether your event is a grand graduation ceremony with 1,000 attendees or a colossal festival drawing in 100,000 people, and regardless of whether you are the contractor responsible for setup or the security firm tasked with ensuring safety, we are equipped to deliver the appropriate site welfare facilities.

Every Enable Welfare van and site welfare unit fully complies with current legislation, offering a refuge away from the crowds where your workforce can recharge their energy reserves—quite literally, if needed, as many of our fleet vehicles come with USB sockets. They can freshen up, dry off, use the facilities, and enjoy a cup of tea. As event organisers increasingly prioritise eco-friendly suppliers, Enable Welfare boasts an ultramodern welfare fleet featuring an array of low and zero-carbon solutions.

For smaller and shorter events, welfare vans are a perfect choice, particularly in challenging access situations. If exceptional off-road manoeuvrability is required, our powerful 4WD welfare vans are the ideal specification. For larger and longer events, our range of welfare trailers is available, which can be utilized as single-story units or stacked to optimize capacity. We offer comprehensive services, including full site setup, as well as cleaning, emptying, and maintenance.


Enable Welfare provides a wide range of welfare solutions that are developed specifically for events and festivals, all of which can be adapted to meet the needs of you and your team. You can view our collection of festival and event welfare solutions, which can be found in the gallery below and includes everything from towerlights to welfare vans, or you can get in touch with us to discuss the specifics of your requirements.
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Here are the answers to the questions that our customers most often ask.

  • Welfare facilities at events are crucial for the satisfaction and positive experience of all attendees, as well as workers of the event. Access to clean and sufficient toilet trailers, handwashing stations, and drinking water aids in maintaining sanitary conditions. Proper welfare facilities also add to the safety and security of participants. Rest places and shade structures also provide relief from the physical strain of long event hours and inclement weather, improving guests’ overall comfort.

  • When planning your next festival, it is vital to have attendees comfort at the forefront, Sanitation stations and portable toilets are critical to meet the needs of a huge audience, plenty of drinking water to stay hydrated as well as shelter to protect guests from the sun or rain! First-aid stations are a must for responding quickly to any health problems and temporary lighting hire solutions are required for nighttime activities to assure safety. Depending on the festival facilities it may also be worth considering a power generator hire solution as well. Contact our team to find out which welfare hire solution would benefit your next festival or event.

  • Many welfare hire companies including Enable Welfare now offer eco-conscious welfare hire options. Such as eco hydrogen towable welfare units, with zero emissions and low demand power and heat. To lessen dependency on fossil fuels, some events make use of our renewable energy sources such as solar-powered lights and power generators. Many of our eco-friendly sustainable welfare hire solutions ae designed to minimise the impact of festivals and events on the environment.

  • Welfare hire ensures the comfort and well-being of festival goers and event workers by offering basic facilities such as clean and accessible portable toilets, handwashing stations, and drinking water stations. Welfare hire solutions create a positive and enjoyable environment by prioritising attendee welfare, resulting in higher levels of attendee satisfaction, and increased chances of repeat attendance, ultimately contributing to the overall success and reputation of the event or festival.