Contractors working at events are among Enable Welfare’s most frequent customers, so we are well aware of their requirements for events rentals and of the wide variety of situations they face. In fact, if you are looking anything from a toilet trailer to a hybrid solar power generator, we have the experience to give you the help you need.

It doesn’t matter if your event is a graduation ceremony for 1,000 or a huge festival drawing 100,000 – or whether you’re the contractor setting it all up, or the security firm tasked with keeping everyone safe and secure – we can provide the right site welfare facilities.

Every Enable Welfare van and site welfare unit meets all the requirements of current legislation, providing a refuge away from the crowds where your workers can recharge their batteries – literally, if necessary, since much of our fleet comes with USB sockets – clean up, dry off, go to the toilet and grab a cup of tea.

With event organisers increasingly looking for environmentally-friendly suppliers, Enable Welfare’s ultra-modern fleet offers a range of low and even zero-carbon solutions.

Welfare vans are great for smaller and shorter events, especially when access is tricky. For the ultimate in mud-plugging manoeuvrability, specify our powerful 4WD van. For bigger and longer events, there’s our range of welfare trailers, which can be used single-storey, or stacked to maximise capacity. Full site set-up, as well as cleaning, emptying and servicing are all available.




Here are the answers to the questions that our customers most often ask.

  • All equipment is 110V maximum.

  • Yes. Depending on the location, we will either use our own vacuum tanker to service sewage waste and water for our welfare units, or we will arrange for the servicing to be done by one of our partners.