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At Enable Welfare, we understand the extensive range of projects our customers are engaged in. We are also aware of the significant effort required to locate suitable industrial rentals for civil engineering tools and other equipment. Therefore, when it comes to welfare, our objective is to simplify the process. Our track record demonstrates our ability to supply contractors with all the civil engineering tools and welfare solutions that are essential to ensure proper worker care on-site, ranging from portable toilets to our innovative Solar Pod hybrid power generator.

Our welfare vans and welfare units adhere to the latest regulations, offering a secure sanctuary for your workforce, thereby minimising accidents and maintaining productivity on your civil engineering worksite. Whether you find yourself working in a congested urban construction site, a remote and marshy field, deep underground, or soaring amidst towering skyscrapers, you can rely on us to provide the ideal welfare vans, trailers and civil engineering welfare solutions. Are you working diligently on a dam project or undertaking a substantial contract at the airport? Rest assured, we have the perfect welfare hire solution tailored to your needs.

For smaller tasks in the civil engineering sector, particularly those with challenging accessibility, our welfare vans are an excellent choice. Highly maneuverable, they can be swiftly relocated to the next site when necessary. And for the most demanding circumstances, our robust and powerful all-wheel-drive 4×4 welfare van hire option guarantees your workforce will never get stuck.

When workers will be stationed at a site for an extended period, our self-contained welfare trailers offer increased capacity. These towable welfare units are the perfect civil engineering welfare solution as they can be stacked for larger sites and compounds. In addition to supplying welfare units, we provide comprehensive welfare civil engineering site setups, including cranage, as well as cleaning, emptying, and maintenance services.

Sustainability and the reduction of carbon emissions are paramount concerns for many businesses today, and Enable Welfare takes the lead in providing low and zero-carbon welfare hire solutions. Our cutting-edge fleet incorporates advanced technologies providing you with a wide varitety of civil engineering tools and hire solutions to help get the job done. Including solar panels, motion-detecting LED lighting, hydrogen fuel cells, and generators capable of running on HVO fuel.


Enable Welfare has many welfare solutions designed for you and your team on civil engineering projects and worksites. Browse our civil engineering tools and welfare solutions, from welfare vans to towerlights, in the gallery below or contact us to discuss your needs.
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Here are the answers to the questions that our customers most often ask.

  • The provision of essential facilities and amenities for the well-being and safety of the personnel working in civil engineering projects is referred to as civil engineering welfare hire. Civil engineering firms may ensure that their building sites maintain correct sanitation standards, provide comfortable rest places for workers, and give rapid medical assistance in the event of an emergency by outsourcing these welfare facilities to specialised organisations. Civil engineering welfare hire is essential in building a supportive and conducive working environment, which improves worker morale, productivity, and overall project success.

  • By providing access to state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology, civil engineering welfare hire companies such as Enable Welfare enable engineers to perform their tasks more effectively. This leads to improved productivity and the ability to take on complex projects with confidence. Additionally, civil engineering hire services offer flexibility, allowing engineers to access specialised equipment or machinery as needed, without the burden of maintenance costs. This enables civil engineers to focus on their core expertise and project management, ultimately contributing to successful project outcomes.

  • Civil engineering welfare directly affects the health, safety, and well-being of the construction workers. By providing enough welfare facilities, such as clean and accessible portable toilets, handwashing stations, rest rooms, and first aid stations, workers are able to meet their personal needs and maintain proper hygiene during their shifts. Comfortable rest places help to reduce fatigue and boost worker morale, which leads to increased job performance. Access to first aid facilities is critical for protecting the health and safety of the workforce. Construction businesses demonstrate their dedication to the welfare of their workers by prioritising civil engineering welfare, promoting a pleasant work culture, and ultimately contributing to the overall success and quality of construction projects.

  • Welfare hire solutions will considerably help your civil engineering project by meeting your workforce’s essential demands, maintaining their well-being, and improving overall project efficiency. Having portable toilets and handwashing stations on-site encourages appropriate sanitation and hygiene, lowering the risk of sickness. Rest places with comfortable seating, lowers weariness and enhancing productivity. Drinking water facilities would keep your employees hydrated and engaged during the project. Proper waste management systems would help to keep the facility clean and environmentally responsible. By combining these welfare hire solutions, from Enable Welfare you can establish a welcoming and friendly working atmosphere, increasing worker morale and resulting in a successful and well-executed civil engineering project.