Site Safety & Security Hire

View our site safety hire collection from the site welfare hire specialists. We offer a range of construction sound barriers, road plates, heras fencing and chapter 8 barriers all available to hire. To get the price of our site safety hire, contact us to get a quote.

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Site Safety & Security Hire FAQs

Here are the answers to the questions that our customers most often ask. If you would like more information about our services please contact us today.

  • Work site surveys are essential for the successful completion of construction and engineering projects. They help to identify potential hazards, assess feasibility, plan resources, meet regulatory requirements. By doing so, these work site surveys can prevent accidents and injuries while ensuring that a project is completed on time and within budget. Additionally, they provide information about the feasibility of a proposed structure’s ability to be supported by the soil as well as any obstacles or challenges that could impede progress. Our sister company Enable Design offer a wide variety of Surveying Services that are perfect for getting your job off the ground.

  • Enable Welfare’s Site Safety Hire services, specialise in providing customised safety solutions and equipment for construction sites and events. We offer a range of site safety products, including temporary site safety fencing and barriers to prevent unauthorised access, CCTV and lighting systems to deter intruders, these products all help to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations. With our tailored approach towards each project’s unique site safety hire needs, we can help you protect your worksite from theft, vandalism or any other potential security risks as well as keeping you and your team safe on the job.

  • Hiring safety equipment offers numerous benefits, such as cost-effectiveness, access to the latest technology, flexibility in scaling up or down depending on project needs, and compliance with health and safety regulations. By hiring instead of buying outright, businesses can reduce upfront costs while still having access to top-of-the-line safety gear. Plus, when you hire from Enable Welfare we take care of all maintenance and servicing so that your equipment is always compliant with industry standards. Ultimately, renting safety equipment can help lessen the financial burden on businesses and guarantee safe working conditions at sites.

  • When deciding which safety barriers to hire for your site, it is important to consider the specific hazards and risks associated with the area. The types of safety barriers available from Enable Welfare include sound barriers, heras fencing hire and chapter 8 barrier hire, each serving a unique purpose. Fencing and barrier hire solutions can cordon off areas and create safe walkways, while traffic barriers are used to manage the flow of vehicles and protect pedestrians. Sound barriers creates a physical barrier around construction sites, and minimises disruption in local neighbourhoods. We recommended to get in touch with us today to discuss the site safety hire best suited to your site.