For professional, eco-friendly welfare hire, come to Enable Welfare. We are the acknowledged experts in low and zero-carbon welfare hire vans, units and more. Our specialist team will happily provide expert advice to find the very best welfare hire solution for you.



Rugged Welfare Van

Explore the newest addition to our welfare van fleet with our Rugged Welfare Vans. Boasting a variety of amazing features that set them apart from the rest of our welfare vans, they are built to handle the toughest jobs. These 4x4 welfare vans have an advanced all-wheel drive system that enables them to navigate even the most challenging rural terrain.

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At Enable Welfare have an extensive range of welfare hire products to suit a wide variety of needs, including welfare vans, static welfare units and towerlights all available to hire. You can view all our featured welfare vans and products in the gallery below or contact us to discuss your future requirements.
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We have a wide range of excellent project and case study examples that illustrate the various ways we’ve helped our customers achieve their goals using our welfare hire solutions. Browse our case studies and example welfare hire projects below to learn more about Enable welfare as a brand, and to discover what we could do for you with our welfare vans, units and more at your site.
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