For all your CP6 and trackside projects, we deliver a flexible and efficient rail welfare hire service tailored to your needs. Enable Welfare boasts extensive experience in supplying railway plant hire to rail staff and engineering contractors, allowing us to swiftly adapt to sudden plan changes and cancellations. Our diverse clientele has even included ecologists conducting bat surveys for HS2, who required comfortable overnight facilities.

We understand that rail workers are frequently on the move, often working in remote locations with limited access to amenities like toilets. Our welfare vans are the perfect solution. Highly maneuverable, they can swiftly reach the site and easily relocate as needed. All our vans adhere to the approved Network Rail specification, and for challenging terrains, we offer a robust 4WD network rail welfare van option. For larger sites and longer durations, our towable welfare units provide enhanced capacity. We offer comprehensive services, including full site setups and thorough cleaning, emptying, and maintenance of welfare units.

Environmental sustainability is a crucial consideration in the industrial rentals sector, and our extensive range of low and zero-carbon options keeps our customers on the right track. Incorporating cutting-edge technologies like solar panels, hybrid solar power generation, LED lighting with motion detectors, hydrogen fuel cells, and generators compatible with HVO fuel, we prioritise eco-friendly solutions.


Enable Welfare's railway equipment welfare hire solutions can be customised to your needs and the needs of your team. Our range of railway welfare solutions, which includes towerlights and welfare vans, is displayed in the gallery below. To discuss your specific rail welfare needs, get in touch with us.
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Here are the answers to the questions that our customers most often ask.

  • Portable toilets and handwashing stations are vital sanitation services provided at railway building sites, maintenance areas, and temporary stops. Rest spaces and welfare units provide comfort and relaxation to railway workers during their breaks, reducing weariness and increasing productivity. The railway sector supports the well-being of its personnel and workers by combining these welfare hire solutions, boosting efficiency, safety, and overall satisfaction.

  • Welfare hire programmes help railway employees greatly and boost the effectiveness of railway construction projects. Railway personnel can access cosy and convenient living circumstances during long shifts or remote assignments thanks to the availability of on-track lodging, rest rooms, and catering facilities, which improves wellbeing and lessens weariness. Welfare hire solutions can also reduce the need for lengthy commutes and travel, saving time and money and boosting productivity.

  • The design and implementation of welfare hire solutions for railway projects normally conform strictly to railway safety rules. Enable Welfare prides itself in providing safe and up-to-date equipment & hold extensive experience in supplying rail staff and engineering contractors. Welfare hire solutions contribute to a safe and effective working environment for railway projects by following railway safety rules, enhancing employee wellbeing, and assisting in the project’s overall success. Please contact our expert team to find out more details.

  • By working with specialised welfare hire suppliers, such as Enable Welfare, railway firms can set up welfare hire solutions for their projects. To ascertain the kinds and extent of welfare facilities required, the first step is to evaluate the unique needs of the workforce and project requirements. Get in touch today to discuss how we can arrange the best welfare hire solution for you and your team.