With our in-depth knowledge of the construction sector, we possess comprehensive expertise to fulfil all your requirements and ensure a secure, hygienic, and efficient environment for your workforce with our construction site welfare facilities. When it comes to environmentally conscious construction site welfare facilities, we are unrivalled experts. Our extensive range incorporates advanced technologies like solar panels and hydrogen cells, making us the ideal choice for maintaining a low or zero-carbon construction site.

We present a diverse selection of welfare vans and towable welfare units for construction sites which can also be used as site canteen hire solutions. We also offer an array of welfare services ranging from complete site setups to the cleaning, emptying, and servicing of welfare units and portable toilets. For larger construction sites, our range expands to include self-contained cabins encompassing drying rooms, storage areas, canteens, offices, and toilets. These cabins can be installed as single-story structures or stacked configurations.

Safety and efficiency harmonise on construction sites, and we prioritise both aspects. Each Enable Welfare van and site welfare unit adheres fully to the current construction site legislation. By providing a well-equipped shelter where your workers can seek respite from inclement weather, dry off, warm up, take breaks, and conduct site briefings and meetings, we minimise their stress levels. Content and comfortable employees naturally exhibit higher productivity, while concurrently reducing the likelihood of accidents through boosted morale. We recommend consulting a construction site welfare facilities checklist to ensure that you have all the site welfare solutions that you and your team need.


On construction sites and construction engineering projects, Enable Welfare offers a wide variety of welfare solutions that are tailored to you and your team. Check out our collection of construction site welfare solutions, which includes everything from towerlights to welfare vans, in the gallery below, or get in touch with us to talk about your requirements.
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Here are the answers to the questions that our customers most often ask.

  • Construction site welfare facilities often contain portable toilets and handwashing stations, providing workers with clean and easily accessible sanitation options. Welfare units are ideal for providing suitable locations for relaxation during physically demanding work, including adequate rest facilities with seating and shelter. To address any medical emergencies, first aid stations equipped with qualified workers are required. Drinking water facilities must also be available to keep staff hydrated throughout their shifts. Furthermore, personal items storage, changing rooms, and wet weather drying facilities are critical to meeting the practical needs of your workforce. These are all available in Enable Welfare’s Welfare Van Hire and Welfare Unit Hire solutions.

  • Welfare on construction sites encompasses a range of facilities and amenities provided to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of construction workers. These include toilet trailers, site canteens to provide nutritional meals and convenient access to water. Construction site welfare ensures that workers have the facilities and support they need to complete their tasks quickly and securely, while also prioritising their general well-being throughout the construction process.

  • Construction site welfare rules are critical for ensuring workers’ health, safety, and well-being throughout a construction project. To maintain sufficient hygiene standards, these requirements often include the provision of clean sanitary facilities. First aid stations should be readily available to respond quickly to any injuries. To keep a safe work environment, waste management solutions are required too. Furthermore, building site welfare regulations may include providing workers with adequate access to safety equipment. By following to these welfare regulations, construction companies prioritise their workforce’s well-being, and reducing health and safety concerns on the building site.

  • The types of welfare hire solutions that might benefit your construction project are determined by various factprs, including the project’s size and scale, the number of workers, and the duration of the project. Portable toilets and handwashing stations are essential welfare hire options for construction projects to maintain good hygiene. Rest facilities with seating and shelter provide comfort and encourage worker well-being and productivity during breaks. Medical facilities are crucial for responding to situations quickly. Throughout the project, drinking water facilities keep personnel hydrated and healthy. If you would like to know more on which welfare hire solutions are best for you and your team contact our team today.