Why You Need A Static Welfare Unit On Your Construction Site

Why You Need A Static Welfare Unit On Your Construction Site

June 24, 2022

If you’ve ever worked outdoors on a winter’s day, you probably won’t need much convincing that welfare units are necessary on any UK construction or worksite. Having somewhere clean to sit down, dry off, get warm, go to the toilet and make a cup of tea at break and lunchtimes is essential. So essential, in fact, that the Health & Safety Executive enforces workers’ rights to dedicated areas to meet their hygiene, wellbeing and rest needs. 

Exactly what you must provide depends on factors including how near the site is to other amenities and the nature of the work involved. In general terms, though, as the introduction to the HSE guidance states, ‘construction workers need adequate toilet and washing facilities, a place to warm up and eat their food and somewhere to store clothing’. The HSE mentions that ‘good facilities can positively benefit health and well-being and can help to prevent dermatitis’. There is a warning not to ignore the basic requirements, and the guidance then spells it out: “A cold water tap and chemical toilet on their own are not adequate facilities.”

The HSE emphasises that what it sets out in the guidance are minimum requirements, not necessarily good practice. But in case you are tempted to stick to doing just the bare legal minimum, it’s worth bearing in mind that it’s not just workers who benefit when they are looked after properly; the company or organisation running the site does, too. Workers who can take refuge with their colleagues in a well-equipped site welfare unit out of the cold and wet weather won’t only be happier, they’re likely to be healthier as well. Expect better staff morale, greater productivity, lower sickness and absenteeism rates, and even a reduced chance of accidents. 

When it comes to deciding on requirements for site cabins hire, the flexibility of our mobile welfare vans may be what you need, especially for smaller sites. For larger sites, you will probably want to turn to our static welfare units. Enable Welfare offers a range of sizes and specifications, with towable units to accommodate from nine to 12 people, each with its fully equipped own canteen area, toilet and drying area.

Inside of towable welfare unit
16ft Towable Welfare unit facilities from the inside
Towable Welfare Unit
Doors Open with full toilet and drying room.