Why Hiring Your Site Welfare Facilities Is Beneficial To You And Your Workers

Why Hiring Your Site Welfare Facilities Is Beneficial To You And Your Workers

September 8, 2022

To buy or to hire? For the large majority of companies most of the time, we think the answer to this question is pretty straightforward: hiring your site welfare facilities is definitely better.

There’s the convenience factor: with Enable Welfare, you can choose to have the units delivered at the start of the job and taken away at the end. Simple. No need to worry about the logistics and manpower involved in transporting them, nor about where you are going to store them safely and securely during the weeks and months they are not in use. But if you do choose to transport them yourself, you’ll find Enable Welfare’s compact and lightweight towable units a much easier proposition than the heavyweight monsters of old.

Mobile welfare units
Enable Welfare’s Towable Welfare Units are excellent portable site welfare site facilities

Another advantage of hiring – at least if you go with a reputable company like Enable Welfare that invests regularly in its fleet – is that you can be sure of always having a modern unit in good condition. One that is equipped to the latest standards and therefore meets or exceeds current legal welfare standards. As contractors and companies increasingly prioritise low-carbon workplaces, hiring also gives you access to the latest technology as soon as it becomes available, such as our new 16ft Eco Smart Hydrogen ZERO CO2 Towable Welfare Unit.

Net Zero Carbon at point of use, 16ft Towable Welfare Powered by Solar and Hydrogen.

And it’s not just a matter of legal compliance and meeting environmental responsibilities; your workers will really appreciate the difference in welfare on site if you provide them with the most modern units. It just makes your site a pleasanter place for them to work (and that can bring follow-on benefits in terms of productivity and lower rates of absenteeism). Often it can be the little things that make the difference: the back rests fitted to our bench seating, for example, the clothes-drying facilities, or the microwave and kettle provided.

Finally, don’t overlook the financial benefits of hiring. If you purchase a welfare unit, not only do you have to find somewhere to store it when not in use, but there are costs associated with that storage, too, particularly if you don’t have much space back at base.

Buying expensive assets such as welfare units requires a high initial outlay of capital, often tying up funds that could be better used elsewhere in the business. It also exposes your balance sheet to the risks inherent in the fluctuating values of depreciating assets. Taxation is another concern: by hiring, you are spared potential Capital Gains Tax bills and similar surcharges.

Enable Welfare offers competitive, flexible pricing for site welfare facilities hire. You pay only for what you need: so, no huge down payments, no depreciation, and neither will your company suddenly find itself saddled with expensive and unexpected repairs.