Keeping Workers Safe: Your Guide To Mobile Welfare Units

Keeping Workers Safe: Your Guide To Mobile Welfare Units

June 9, 2023

Any responsible employer should be providing a safe, clean and comfortable environment for workers. If you’re running a construction site, that definitely means doing more just the bare minimum, not least because legislation requires it*. So if you’re serious about welfare on site, just finding some portable loos for hire is not going to cut it! 

Our 16ft towable mobile welfare units are designed not merely to meet legal requirements, but to look after your workers properly. Along with the toilet (fully flushing, with a stainless steel forearm washbasin supplied with hot water), there are bench seats and tables for up to 12 people, heating and a hot drinking water supply, all included as standard. Put all that together and it means every welfare unit becomes a dry, comfortable refuge – a warm place for workers to enjoy a cuppa out of the rain and cold, and to ‘recharge their batteries’. Our versatile welfare units include a drying area to make sure clothing is ready for the start of work the following day. And they’re a convenient place to store and monitor stocks of all those site consumables that help keep staff safe and protected, whether it’s gloves, sun cream, sanitiser or PPE.

Of course, all of that is not just good for your workers, it’s good for getting the job done, too: safety & wellbeing and productivity & efficiency are two of Enable’s core values – and we find they really do go hand in hand.

* For construction sites, The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 specify ‘minimum welfare facilities’ as follows: ‘sanitary conveniences’; ‘washing facilities’; ‘drinking water’; ‘changing rooms & lockers’, and ‘rest rooms or rest areas’.