All You Need To Know About Static Welfare Units

All You Need To Know About Static Welfare Units

June 15, 2022

Our state-of-the-art welfare vans are an ingenious solution if your workforce is often on the move from site to site. Quick to set up and quick to move, they can also usefully double as transport for your workers at the start and end of the working day.

Yet when it comes to choosing your site welfare unit, for most construction sites most of the time, the right choice will still be static units, especially the modern, lightweight, towable cabins of the type that Enable Welfare supply.

A big advantage for our cost-conscious customers – which seems to be pretty much all of them! – is that static units are substantially cheaper to hire than mobile welfare vans. And, of course if, you need more than one unit, the savings really do start to add up. 

Static units are also larger, with even our smallest units offering more space inside than our vans and accommodating more workers.

Inside of towable welfare unit
16ft Towable Welfare unit facilities from the inside

They are fully customisable to your needs – a crucial factor when some sites have ready access to all the services, and others have none. By choosing the right unit type, you can specify whether it is mains or generator-powered. Similarly, if mains water and sewerage are available, you won’t need to meet the additional costs of sewage tankers and water bowsers if you select the correct cabin. 

There is no heavy environmental price to pay, either. Our modern static welfare units have much better insulation than those of previous generations and come equipped with PIR sensors and LED lights: eco-friendly and energy-efficient. For those who want to go further, take a look at options such as Enable Welfare’s 16ft Hybrid units. These incorporate a solar panel & leisure battery

New ECO Smart Towable WelfareUnit
This is a Net Zero emmission 24ft static unit. Hydrogen/Solar powered.

alongside an integrated, silenced HVO diesel generator that is itself carbon-neutral when run on HVO fuel. Or for the ultimate environmental choice, our new Eco Smart Hydrogen Welfare Unit not only has solar panels, but also a low-maintenance fuel cell that offers near-silent operation and is truly zero carbon – the only emissions are water vapour.


For site cabins hire for longer-term projects, the advantages of static welfare units multiply. Using a static unit with your own signage attached instantly gives you as the contractor that all-important ‘site presence’ – an office with your branding clearly visible, a suitably professional place for site meetings with the client, and an easy-to-find fixed point for the postman and couriers, so that nothing important goes astray.