Mobile 2+1 Toilet Block Hire - Static Welfare Unit Hire

Mobile 2+1 Toilet Block Hire

FOR HIRE – Mobile 2+1 Toilet Block

This 14ft mobile Toilet hire offers an enjoyable and convenient restroom experience, with two female toilets, one male toilet stall, and two urinals to accommodate up to five people in total at once. Each of the sections in this portable toilet unit for hire is equipped with a hot water system, heated interior space, odourless clean fresh water flush and PIR sensor activated LED lighting both inside and out for added safety. Enjoy the convenience of this self-contained free-standing toilet block hire unit today!

This mobile towable toilet hire unit offer the utmost convenience and can be towed by any commercial vehicle. Once on site, they are easy to deploy and ready for use in just three minutes or less!


  • Fully compliant with UK/EU legislation
  • Separate facilities for men and women
  • 2 urinals and 3 separate toilet stalls
  • 600L Waste tank with 30L greywater for collecting rain
  • Free clean energy from the sun
  • Chemical-free, fresh water, micro-flush toilet
  • Lights both indoors and outside
  • Facilities for washing hands in hot water
  • Dispensers for soap and towels
  • Heater
  • Self-closing, full-steel, three-bolt, high-security doors
  • Simple to manoeuvre onsite single axle design

Other Benefits:

Complies with worksite welfare legislation

  • This Toilet Unit Hire meets and exceeds all current EU and UK portable toilet legislation (EN16194). With the inclusion of separate female and male toilets as standard, these units also comply with any workplace diversity or gender equality regulations.

Eco Benefits

  • To maximise energy efficiency and minimise fuel consumption, this toilet hire unit has solar panels on the roof. Also, the clean water flush eliminates the need for harsh chemicals.

Reduce service visits by 80%

  • The Waste Management Pro system used on this toilet unit for hire is revolutionising the way we manage water consumption and waste production. Featuring rainwater harvesting and grey-water recycling, this system has been extensively tested to prove its effectiveness – reducing service visits by an average of 80%, saving money, time, fuel use, and emissions from service vehicles.